RVA Environmental Film Festival

Richmond, Virginia – Spring 2018

The Messenger

Sunday 1:30 pm at the Byrd Theatre

In ancient times, humans looked to the flight and songs of birds to protect the future. They were regarded by mankind as messengers from the gods. Today once again, birds have something to tell us.

New York Times Critics’ Pick, Winner of Best Conservation Film at Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, The Messenger is filmmaker Su Rynard’s artful investigation into the causes of songbird mass depletion and the compassionate people who are working to turn the tide. The film takes viewers on a visually stunning journey revealing how the problems facing birds also pose daunting implications for our planet and ourselves.

Moving from the northern reaches of the Boreal Forest to the base of Mount Ararat in Turkey to the streets of New York, The Messenger engages us with stunning visuals, taking us on an emotional journey that mixes its elegiac message with hopeful notes and unique glances into the influence of songbirds on our own expressions of the soul. It also brings us face-to-face with a remarkable variety of human-made perils that have devastated thrushes, warblers, orioles, tanagers, grosbeaks and many other airborne music-makers.

Today, songbirds – woven inextricably into the fabric of our environment – are vanishing at an alarming rate, threatening the crash of our global ecosystems. As scientists, activists and bird enthusiasts investigate this phenomenon, amazing secrets of the bird world come to light for the first time in this acclaimed and visually thrilling documentary. Find out what’s killing our songbirds, and what can be done about it.


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