RVA Environmental Film Festival

Richmond, Virginia – Spring 2018

The Steering Committee

President / Secretary – Richard Groover
Chair of steering committee, keeper of agenda and votes for steering committee, by-laws and mission statement compliance officer.


Treasurer – Tamara Smith
Co-chair of steering committee, oversees budget issues, liaison to Enrichmond (RVA EFF’s legal parent company), acts as comptroller.


Film Selection Committee Chair – Gill Sigmon
Chair of Film Selection Committee, organizes selection of films, liaison to producers and venues.


Film Contest Committee Chair – Scott Burger
Chair of Film Contest Committee, oversees solicitation of films, tallies votes and awards winners of contest, de facto member of Film Selection Committee.


Promotions Committee Chair – Carille Greenberg Ribley
Chair of Promotions Committee, oversees all marketing and public relations.


Volunteer Coordinator – Nancy Morin
Makes initial contact with all volunteers, deciphers best fit for all volunteers, ensures all volunteers are satisfied (and happy) with roles before and during festival.


Webmaster -Peter Faucher
Maintains and updates RVA EFF website, de facto member of promotions committee.
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