RVA Environmental Film Festival

Richmond, Virginia – Spring 2018

Rabbit Island


Saturday 12:10 pm at the Byrd Theatre

2908 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221

In the middle of the vast watery stretch that is Lake Superior sits Rabbit Island, 91 acres of rocks, earth, trees, and wild habitat. Rabbit Island has never been divided or developed, nor will it ever be. In collaboration with a land trust, a conservation easement has been placed on the island, ensuring that it will remain protected forever. This place offers a new kind of wild experience where the point is to do nothing to an ecosystem and see what it teaches us.

Rabbit Island is Director Ben Moon’s quest to protect an island he loves which leads him to ponder great questions: Is there an opposite to development? An antonym to subdivision? This film is a brief study of an island set on the majestic Lake Superior and the artists who gather there for inspiration.

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